In the Belly of a Whale

The article below was a sign to me that God speaks through the news and modern day stories that remind us of Biblical times. This article definitely caught my attention. He is reminding us of the sign He gave to us in the book of Jonah in the Bible. Jonah was running from his assignment in Nineveh and was swallowed and stuck in the belly of a whale for three days and nights. Another sign that Jesus would be in the grave and resurrected or spit out of the pit of death on the 3rd day. Jonah had lost hope in the people of Nineveh and though that their behavior had surpassed God’s forgiveness. He decided it was a waste of his time to go and minister to them and decided to go the other way, opposite of God’s direction. Basically, he ran from his assignment and went in the opposite direction of Nineveh. In his rebellion, the fact that he was swallowed by a whale almost sounds like a fairy tale or a story in a children’s book. By faith, we believe that this actually happened. No matter, how crazy it did.

Seeing this article was a reminder to me that God’s Word is true. He is reminding us by this gentleman’s story, a modern day Jonah, that it is time to remain on task to do what He has called us to do. This man in the article, Michael Packard, didn’t do anything wrong, but God used this incident to talk to me and share His heart with us today. So, I asked the Lord what He was saying to His people through this news story:

“I Am reminding My people that when they feel swallowed up by life’s circumstances and they feel they are in a whale of an issue, I can supernaturally release them from the belly of darkness. This is still the time to meditate on what matters in life and not get caught up in the insignificance that will not sustain. Today, I am still the God of forgiveness just like I was in the days of Jonah. Do not feel that you have gone too far out of My reach of redemption. Do not run from Me but come to Me with all of your sins, burdens and shortcomings and watch Me bring you out from your captivity. Watch Me deliver you in an instance. You do not have to run or hide from Me or your assignment. I rose from the dead for your forgiveness. I have made you like new. Just receive Me and share Me. I Am coming back for a people who are in position to love the unloveable and teach the resistant. Don’t run from the Nineveh I have called you to. Where you reside needs My hope in you. No vessel can keep you contained when you are in Me.”

Michael Packard is a veteran lobster diver who was eaten by a whale. When he thought his life was over, before he knew it, he was back in the water. He states that it was completely black in the inside of the whale. He immediately began to think about his two sons which represented what really mattered in his life. This was a regular day on June 11, 2021.

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