Yesterday, June 13, 2021, I felt a shift in the atmosphere. Did you? I am still praying about the significance of the date, if any. However, I heard the Lord say that this week will be significant as it will be a transition into the new of your life. This week is a connector to your future. I believe you will feel the change in the atmosphere and even in your attitude. You will feel more aware of God’s goodness and your purpose. There will be a lifting of your demeanor as you desire to engage more with your life. Yes, you will get more creative ideas and intel on your projects and will feel more confident in your position. New doors are opening for you!


Tonight is the season premiere of my new podcast, Come Out From Discouragement at 7pm CST. You can listen on 8 platforms including Breaker, Apple, Google, Anchor and here is the link to

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