About Michelle Brown


Michelle is a natural born encourager and strategic listener. Michelle has positioned herself through discipline and practice to become a practitioner in the prophetic. Her motto in the prophetic is simply, “Practice makes perfect.” She believes that the more we seek God the clearer His voice will become in our lives.

She has been trained in the prophetic and has strengthened her gift by serving as a prophetic intern for other well-known ministries. Michelle has given individual and corporate prophetic words via email and in person to hundreds of people throughout the nation and the nations.  She has taught others in an online forum on how  to activate their prophetic gift through teachings, prophetic activations and exercises.

Prophesy and Proclaim was birthed out of Michelle’s desire to encourage others while being used a mouthpiece for God. Her blog is a way for her to release what she receives from the Lord to His children. It has been years in the making as she wanted to be fully prepared and sure that this is what God was calling her to do. The timing is right and the call was confirmed.

Her book, Come Out From Discouragement, Embracing Your Identity as God’s Daughter of Day includes prophetic love notes from God. Michelle desires to see women find their voice and overcome the battle of being stuck. (Now available at http://www.daughterofday.com/newbook)

You can read how Michelle was inspired to believe God at another level when her son battled for his own physical voice in her book, God Save My Child. (Available at Amazon.com in paperback and on kindle)

Michelle is also an Encouragement Life Coach with Daughter of Day. Michelle launched Daughter of Day in 2017 to Awaken God’s daughters to who they are while exposing them to the voice of God. Michelle helps her clients discover their unique voice. To find out more about coaching with Michelle go to www.daughterofday.com.

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