Idols Down

“In this month I AM asking you to determine if you have idols in your life. Is there something in your heart that clears My presence from your conscience? Make room for Me to sit on the throne of your mind above all of your earthly desires and endeavors. I rule with a loving hand and will show you what to make room for in your life as opposed to idols becoming your first priority and I turn into an afterthought. What consumes your time and attention? Are you willing to lay that down to spend more time with Me? I Am your refuge in the time of trouble and a refreshing when you are walking in joy! Walk with Me and lend Me your ear because I want to talk to you. We have work to do and business to accomplish in the marketplace and for My mission.”

I sense strongly that God is saying He has us on an incline, but we are reaching the top. He wants to make sure that He is at the pinnacle of our positioning.

Seek Him first and HIs righteousness and ALL these things will be added unto you. You will not have to search for them, but they will be magnetically attracted to you!


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