Friends Who Are Like Flowers


The Holy Spirit wants to be our best friend. God has also given us earthly friends. The Lord shared this with me to encourage my clients. I must prophesy and proclaim this to you as well. Enjoy!

Friends are an important part life. You will quickly realize that everyone will not qualify to carry this title. Many people will not graduate past the title of an acquaintance. In order to let people get to know you at a deeper level, you must feel comfortable with them.

As you work to meet your destiny it is important to be selective about who comes into your inner circle. What are the requirements for someone to earn the title of a friend?

At different stages of life, the definition of the word friend will have different meanings. As priorities change, the number of friends you have and the time you give to friends will more than likely change also.

There is nothing wrong with knowing the characteristics of your friends as well as their strengths and non-strengths as it relates to your relationship. This shows that you are insightful and use wisdom. This wisdom translates into knowing who you can call when you need prayer, when you need information, when you just want to vent or when you want to simply laugh and have a good time.

In all circumstances of life and in every season it is good to have friends who are like flowers. Friends who are like flowers have deep roots with you.  They are able to stay in the dark places with you and they stay planted with you during both good times and bad. In this rooted relationship you are able to celebrate each other as you grow and bloom. Finally, a friend who is like a flower does not cut you off when God places you into a beautiful arrangement of your destiny.

A friend who has deep roots means that you have known them for a significant period of time or that your connection is deep because your values are the same. This can mean that you met them you were in a totally different space, age, area and /or stage of life than you are now or you immediately connected with them in a deep and refreshing way. Your belief systems may be the same and your priorities coincide.

The growth of a flower begins in the soil, underground. It is dark and there is not much recognizable light at first. We all have these moments in life where we feel like we are underground covered in dirt. It is a very uncomfortable place but it means you are about to break ground and come up to another level. Friends who are like flowers can stand with you as you go through this phase of growth. They remind you that it is a temporary part of the process and that beauty is ahead.

In a sense, all friendships start underground because you do not know each other very well. There are still things that are in the dark about both of you that haven’t been brought to the surface yet. You must remember that every relationship has a beginning phase and takes some time to develop.

A true “flower friend” does not leave once you finally start to come through your dark situation. They stay beside you as you gain the nourishment you need to embrace the light you are now experiencing after rising up from the ground. They want to see you bloom!

As you grow and bloom, like a flower, the hue of you will intensify and your fragrance will fill your life and the lives of others. A good friend will encourage you to make this type of impact and increase your influence.

As you move into destiny, “flower friends” recognize the beautiful arrangement that God has put together in your life and they share in the excitement about your vision and your goals. As you gather together around the table of life you compliment the beauty that both of you bring to the world!

Are there people with bad roots in your life? Those who are not beneficial to the current growth you want to see? Is it time to pull up the bad roots so that new things can flourish in your life?

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.





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