Accelerated Access Granted



I must prophesy and proclaim what I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying to His people at this time.

Recently, I was driving with my son in the car. He asked me when texting was first introduced. We researched it out and found that the first text was sent on December 3, 1992, from a computer to a mobile phone by a 22 year-old test engineer. This first text said “Merry Christmas”. Many progressions have taken place in texting and SMS messaging since then.

This conversation took us back to the first phone, pagers, car phones all the way up to Facebook lives, Instagram, etc. Of course my son, at 13 years of age, is still amazed by black and white televisions and can’t believe there was a time when you could not pause a television show or fast forward through it.   The DVR is something I could not imagine when I was 13 years old but someone did and created it.

I started to thank God for the access He has given us in the natural and the Divine access that we have to Him! The Lord is always there and we can connect with anyone around the world in seconds!  We are blessed. The access that we have to connect with one another is going to become even more beneficial to us in the upcoming season.

After we finished this trip down memory lane, I heard the Lord say, “Just as I have increased access through technology and the people who were not afraid to step out on what they saw in their minds, so will I increase the access of My people  in the Body of Christ.”

I sense that He is saying. “Those who are seeking to hear My voice are going to see Me put supernatural highways in their desert places. I AM going to move them through the dry places in life and give them access to increased refreshing and glory. I AM going to part the ‘red seas’ they are facing and make unseen ways of escape from the enemy.”

I also heard Him say, “I AM going to give them access to people who can help them to bring the ideas they have imagined into reality. They will be a part of progression in the industry in which they have been placed.” I sensed that what was difficult to complete in the past will now come forth quickly. The access you need will be given to you and you will sense that doors open up to you with ease. God is not just opening doors in this season, He is opening the right doors!

This is a season of commencement. It is time to launch forward and trust that the Lord will connect you with the right people, at the right place, at the right time. We are called to use the access He has given us for His glory.

We are moving from glory to glory! Accelerated Access has been granted!

Isaiah 43:19, Ephesians 2:18, Proverbs 4:18, Luke 6:38

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  1. Good word Michelle. Thanks. Donna Minnick 

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