December Word of Encouragement: “Do you know who you are? This is the time of self- discovery and discipline. You must condition yourself to win because 2023 is filled with victory! You must finish this course strong. Youve gone through the pre-trials and now onto triumph! December is the month of decision. The decisions you make about 2023 happen this month. This is the time of preparation and determination. Make your declarations and align your words with what you desire. You have almost released all of the dead weight but there are still a few ideas and ideals you must now release to Me. Trust My will and do not depart from my ways If you stay with Me there will very fewer delays. I AM the Lord of all and you will not fall. It’s time to stand tall in confidence as your recompense draws nigh. I Am not a man that I should lie. My Word is settled in heaven . I Am releasing your Heavenly portion in the year to come. Decide to steward your blessing well. It’s time to decide to be all I have called you to 2023 you will establish and build legacy” from your Heavenly Father #prophecy #lifecoach #encouragement

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