I Hear the Father Say…

Tumultuous times are coming..be at peace and pray.  A governmental rude awakening is upon us. I am revealing what had been hidden and misconstrued.

The bystanders are about to be blessed. Your time has come. Those who feel they have watched others shine but have not been able to participate, will now step forward. LACK WILL no longer be a disqualifier and be a dismissive factor. You will have more than enough.

You are about to experience personal transformation. Im going to pull off the excess that is weighing you down. You are rising with the ease of a balloon.

You feel rejected because you’ve been selected..called out. When you’re called you hear what others do not and respond. Keep listening in confidence that it is Me.

Many churches are a microcosm of the world not kingdom. They are presenting rhetoric but not My Word. My Word is becoming of no effect. Personal stories are great but my story emits the glory.

My Word must live, breathe and be taught

I am equipping my chosen ones with hearts after me..they will do more with less. Do not despise small beginnings.

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