August 2022 Prophetic Word

This month, My people shall see My hand of grace move upon them in astonishing ways. I Am releasing many from the bondage they have cried out to Me from in past seasons. I Am removing poverty mindsets which will cause wealth to appear in unexpected ways. I have called My people to thrive not just to survive… to win not just to begin. 

Turn away from low expectations and prepare for Me to perfect all that which concerns you. I Am loosening the dust from your whereabouts and creating  a new path for you to take. Stay steady and keep pace with Me. Do not get ahead of My timing because I will cause you to arrive right on time. You will progress on My time, because My timing is perfect.

This is also the season that amid destruction you will see miracles. In the midst of devastation you shall know My mercy was prevalent. When trials and tribulations happen, ask Me to step forth in all of My glory and wonder to rescue and reveal My power. I will overthrow the work of the enemy. Use your words wisely in this season because what you say will manifest and show up. What you utter will come to pass. The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but spiritual and they will pull down strongholds. Your tongue is a mighty weapon! 

In August, it is US or bust. You must stick close to Me and cooperate with My voice. In this season the two shall become one. You and I will do damage to the kingdom of darkness. Together we win.

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