In Spite Of..

In spite of his wonders, they did not believe.. PSALM 78.

All of us should believe in God’s power and ability. We should believe in His love and kindness towards us. You saw a miracle this morning when you looked in the mirror. You saw the power of breath without your ability to initiate the beginning of your life. You stand in a world created for you to exist in daily. Your presence here was predestined and now you live a life given as a gift for you to occupy. Why do we doubt God when our existence is beyond what we can explain. It is only through the words spoken by God that we are here. His words are powerful at producing life in all facets.

We get to partake in the creative process with the words we speak and the positioning of our minds. Believing is innate because our existence is based on God’s belief in the power of His words. He said “Let there be” and there was… everything we see today. Why do we doubt in spite of all we’ve seen?

I want to share this guided journal with you that will help you strengthen your belief through the process the Lord shared with me. AMAZON has put it on sale for $5.70. I don’t want you to miss this powerful revelation.

The B.E.L.I.E.V.E. Journal (Guided): The Advantageous Acronym Approach to Trusting God

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