Always There

We can never be abandoned because we have been adopted.

Find empowerment in looking in the mirror when you feel rejected so you can see the reflection of the beloved of God. Take note that you are His handiwork, fashioned in purpose and truth. The God in you is always fluid, ready to meet you at your greatest need. God wants you to cry out to Him in the darkest times and even in your joyous victories. He is a proud Papa who wants to be a part of every your life in every way and each concern you face. You do not have to face it alone because your Father is seated on the throne.

No matter how big or small this issue, God says to share your heart with Him. There is nothing you have to bear alone as you cast your cares far from your capability and take courage in His power. Never forget His love for you is everlasting and eternal. It never wears out and He is always available to you.

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