One True Love

I Am your bedrock, the strength in which you can rest. Let me be the foundation for your very existence and the anchor of your life. Trust Me to renew you when you feel overwhelmed. Believe Me to comfort you when your tears begin to swell. Run to My bosom for safety because I know you oh so well. I know the number of hairs on your head and every desire within your heart.

Be free in Me beloved, find calm in My presence. I will lift you over the rocky dives. I will carry you over the danger you cannot see. Even though your enemies surround you, they will immediately have to flee. At my beck and call for you, your heart finds peace.

Return unto Me and respond to My voice. The longer you live will conclude there is ultimately know better choice.You are My beloved. I swoon over you with ecstactic anticipation for you to come to Me as your One True Love.

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