“Do not be defiant because I am a reliant God. I AM trustworthy and true, able to accomplish what I said I would do. My Word is My Bond, and you will grow fond of trusting My timing and aligning with Me. There is more for you to conquer along with greater things to see, however, you must be fully reliant and completely dependent upon Me. There are things you can do, but I will ultimately pull you through. Ultimately it is My strength that will bring you to your expected end. I desire to be your best friend. I have no hidden agendas or exclusivity requirements. If you latch onto Me, I will use you to change many environments. Receive this new oil that I am pouring out. I want to saturate your heart, soul, and mind. This fresh oil is one of a kind, complete with the fragrance of change and breakthrough.

Now is the time for you to break every barrier as I AM calling you to be a glory carrier.

I AM Reliant.

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