Favored for the Fight

I hear the Lord saying, “This is your winning season. You have endured losses, but I was keeping the heavenly score. You did not lose because I was keeping count of your restoration. I know exactly what is owed to you and this is your due season. Like the dew on the grass, I will cover you with the strength to endure and eradicate defeat. I AM winning and you are on My team. I AM leading you to victory. Because you kept pushing I am pulling you through to the other side of the storm. I AM the umpire and I declare you are safe! You are under My shadow and My wings are protecting you. My plans are good and ALL things will turn in that direction. Good is ahead with the God of your faith. I have favored you to win every battle. Celebrate in advance. The adversary is no match for what I have placed inside of you. It’s Me, Christ in you, the Hope of Glory! Set your hope on Me!

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  1. Powerful message for this season of my life, Thank you.


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