No Man

This morning, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “I love you into eternity. There is no limit of the love I have for you. There is no boundary in My heart. I will carry you through your most difficult season because I obligated Myself to you. We are bound through the sacrifice of My Son. I will never leave you to your own way, unless you decide to go awry. But if you stay, I will never stray. I have gone after the one so that My will can be done. I brood over you when you say, Not today. I am more capable and will do it my way. Stick with Me and you will see I can handle more with one hand than you can with two. I AM the God of love and I want to bring you through….every trial, every negative thought, so do not deny My intervention. Trust Me when I say, No man can block My plan. Submit your flesh, commit yourself to Me, and you will see that no man can block My plan.”

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  1. Good word of encouragement


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