Time to Go Up

I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “Yes, I have removed you from those who were hanging on to pull you down. They do not want to go where you are going but they want to derail you along the way to get you to stay where you do not belong. I AM calling you to come up higher and hang onto Me. What I have for you will not come by allowing others to mold you into what they desire. It will only come by rising up to where I AM.I AM above your problems and your worries. I AM in the worship. I AM in the high places. I AM in the releasing of doubts and fears. I AM in the tread of your trust. Look back over the steps you have allowed Me to lead. Have I ever told you to go the wrong way? If you follow My orders, there will be no delay. Stand and see My salvation, even when it feels as though you are standing alone. Come to My throne and seek Me for comfort. I will be your support and defense.

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