0% Chance

A baby born 131 days premature was given a zero percent chance of survival. Against the odds, this baby, just celebrated his first birthday. As I read the article, you can copy and paste below, I heard the Spirit of the Lord speaking:

“When the odds are completely stacked against you and your chances of winning, surviving, living, thriving or accomplishing the goal is 0%, know that I am the 100% chance that you can come through. I AM all you need on your side to defy every limitation and leap over every inescapable plot of the enemy. I can bring you through when there is not a chance of your survival and only your demise in sight. Trust Me to conquer every setback and set you on the path to victory. I Am the God who rules over the zero percent chance. I put the one in front of the double odds and bring you to the 100% you desire and the possibilities I have promised. “


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