Final Say

“Give Me the final say that you so often give away. Do not be concerned about the conversations of others or the criticism you may receive. I have not created you for the approval of man, but only to believe. Believe that I have called you, created you and confirmed your purpose in heaven. It is time for you to rise, so I am releasing the leaven. My daily bread is all that you need. Read My Word and then take heed. Arise, warrior and answer the call. As you move forward with action, you will see, you already have it all in you to be everything you and I desire for you to be! Negativity and doubt are not your portion. The enemy is trying to steal from you, a warfare of extortion. Do not let him infiltrate your mind. Let the urgency you feel deep within be your one and only sign. It is time! It is time! Come forth and prepare to shine!”

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