As we sat in our home with an unexpected power outage, I began to wonder what the Lord was saying with this unexpected snowstorm and below-freezing temperatures in Texas. This unforeseen and historical event has caused me to pray hard for the others affected and even the homeless who bear low temperatures all of the time living outdoors. It changed my life. I realized the power of necessity as we sat in our home dressed as lumberjacks knowing the temperature outside was less than 20 degrees.
At first, we were experiencing the rolling power outages, and then at some point, we rolled off, and the power was entirely off. I’ll share with transparency that desperation began to set in. Frying hamburgers and french fries by candlelight could be labeled as somewhat of an adventure but not one I wanted to continue for much longer.

It was my 16-year-old son who kept me motivated to believe that God had not forgotten us. I had just gotten off a prayer call where everyone seemed to be in their warm homes. It made me begin to wonder how many times people may feel excluded from God’s provision. Although in my feelings for a moment, God used my son to remind me of how many other times God has brought us through other storms in our lives. I began to feel myself warming up when I remembered that He had not forgotten us. As silly as it seems, and even though I knew better, I did want to be able to say, “Let there be light” and watch it come astound us and come on.

However, what happened was even better at that moment. About an hour after my son’s pep talk, as the darkness covered every room in our house and the temperatures began to fall, suddenly the power came on! I rejoiced and rejoiced and rejoiced! It was as if God heard my son bragging on Him and responded.

That night as I laid in my bed, I thanked God for letting me know that He heard us. I felt a recharge in my worship and my praise! Thanksgiving has overtaken me. I sensed the Lord’s Spirit saying that this change in the weather pattern is a predictor of the patterns He is breaking His people out of this season. We are programmed to expect certain things because of a time period on the calendar, but we never expect things to change so drastically. Of course, I believe the earth is crying out for the manifestation of the sons of God, but I also think God is breaking patterns many of us have experienced where we never expect anything to be different. He shows us that He can bring winter temperatures on the verge of spring and heavy snows in the strangest areas.

What areas of your life have you formed bad habits or created patterns of expectation and thoughts that you need to be interrupted?

As the power came back on, I was empowered to trust God more and begin to expect Him to move in unexpected ways. Through the coldness outside, He warmed my heart up to gratefulness and appreciation in a new way. In so many ways, 2020 and now 2021 are pushing appreciation out of us. Things we have taken for granted cannot be overlooked or ignored. I shouted for lights and want to cry for lost souls. My mission has been made even more precise and my call more assured.
Join me in praying for all those affected by inclement weather at this time. Let’s also pray to break the patterns and complacency and begin to expect God to move in unique, beneficial, and exciting ways in our lives!

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