October 2020

In this month of October, I hear the spirit of hypocrisy is being revealed, and the cover to cause is being removed. Those who say they believe in a specific cause, but it is only a cover for self fulfillment and indulgence, will be brought to the spotlight. It is a time for a fresh start for many as the board has been cleared for new moves to be made and unlimited resources to be released to the people of God. Do not get distracted. Stay focused on the Word as it will bring life and understanding to the days ahead. The Word of God will read like a map and you will know exactly where we are in relation to the heart of men. Those who are opened to the Spirit of God will be renewed in their spirit and will feel the Father’s refreshing

Shepherds hats are being removed from those who have consistently wounded the sheep. God is raising the requirements of leadership because many have abused their power. Do not make idols of men but pray for their obedience to God.

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