From Repentance to Reward-A Word for 2019

I must prophesy and proclaim what I hear the Lord saying about 2019.

Psalm 119:19 says I am a stranger in the earth; Do not hide your commandments from me.

You will begin to see that the world is growing colder, meaner, tougher and darker. But there will be a cry for the commandments of the Lord. “Lord show us how to change this situation with your Word.” Declare what God says! The reality of heaven and the promise of eternal life will be desired like we have not seen in recent times past.

The righteous will get brighter, and the ways of Christ will be on the forefront. There will be more said about grace and forgiveness in mainstream media. This mountain will become infiltrated by the presence of God.

The resources of the wicked will dry up. They will fall into their entrapments.

I hear it is important to watch the spirit of envy and desiring what others have. Focus on how God wants to fill up your empty spaces.

Discouragement to Favor

Those who feel discouraged will realize they are not behind but instead have accrued backed up blessings. These blessings will be released as the Lord is diligently sought. The rewards will overtake you from behind, and you will be ahead of those who gave up on your situation. You will come to know the Lord as El Gibor, the Mighty and Most High God. He alone will do that which you have desired for years.

This is the year the Lord will release favor. Opportunities that you were not ready to receive in past seasons will suddenly open up to you. There will be a great awakening to the blessings of serving the Lord. What you have done unto the least of these will come back to you in abundance. There will be a great understanding of how personal the Lord takes our love for those who can give nothing in return.

The Lord is calling people out of debt in this upcoming year. Romans 13:8 will manifest. “Owe no man anything, but to love one another, for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” For those who have loved, even when it was an unpleasant task, they will see the walls of lack fall before their very eyes.

Prayer Points:
In March, it will be important to pray for towers. The enemy would like to bring towers down, but the prayers of the righteous can avail.

Pay special attention to Memphis, Tennessee as the Lord is doing something special there.

The liars in your midst will be chastised because the Lord wants to bring them to the truth. No more will the people of God be hornswoggled or manipulated. Pray for God’s people to have and use wisdom in every circumstance.

There will be outpourings and great awakenings like the days of old. People will not be interested in the technical presentation but in the power of God.

Churches must prepare to increase their borders and welcome those from different denominations and religions. Those seeking truth will be drawn to the Lord’s church.

It will be a year of hearing. Romans 10:17 will be a critical scripture in this year. Faith will come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I understand the Lord saying, “My sheep will know My voice and a stranger they will not follow.”

There will be more natural disasters, but as the righteous cry out in humility, the Lord will heal the land. Those who have been devasted will come out better than before. The love of life will override prized possessions. The gratitude for breath will replace the desire for hot commodities.

Actions for God’s People
Pray without ceasing.

It is a year to arise from the pain of abandonment. Those who have cried out to God and felt forsaken will be swooped up into His loving arms and know that He has never left them.

Ask God to show you how to release grudges and forgive.

The Great Turning

Most importantly, this will be a year of turning. God is calling his people to turn from those things which hinder a genuine walk with Him. Repentance will be important. Turn your back on those things that pull you away from God and watch Him return unto you that which has been lost. This is the year that repentance will lead to great reward!

This is a Psalm 84 season. You will go from strength to strength, from your place of sorrow to your place of blessing. Keep your heart set on your pilgrimage for God. This is the year to cry out for more of God! He wants to come and increase your capacity for Him and all he has to offer you. There is more! Watch this year, it will be a great turning point in the lives of many!


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