Revelation is Like…

candle3I must prophesy and proclaim what I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying.

Revelation is like a candle. When you receive it in faith it increases and sheds light on your personal situations as well as the situations going on around you. It burns bright within you. Other people will begin to notice your wisdom and seek you out as wise counsel.

As a candle burns, it goes down deeper and the flame melts the wax near the wick. The melted wax is representative of the oil of the anointing. As you receive revelation from God it will produce the anointing deep down within you. Revelation from God causes you to have an understanding beyond your human comprehension. It is as if God lends you His eyes and His ears and you get to connect with His perception.

As you study the Word of God you will gain revelation. The Word of God is the ultimate candle. Psalm 119:105 says, “Thy Word is a lamp unto My feet and light unto My path.” The Word of God is life’s study guide. It shows us how to pass the tests that will face. The answers are all there but they must be studied and reviewed. We must allow them to go deep within. We must hide them in our heart because the scriptures are the keys that prevent us from unlocking the door to sin.

As you study the Word of God revelation will become more than words on a page but it will be an acknowledgement of the voice of God in your life. You will begin to hear Him speak directly to you. His voice will become recognizable and undeniable in your life.

He will begin to speak with one word, then sentences, paragraphs and you will find yourself in fellowship and conversation with the Father. When you hear His voice, respond and/or ask questions. Then the dialogue begins. Revelation will be released on a greater level.

The Bible says when you ask for wisdom the Lord will give it to you liberally. That means He will give it to you in large, generous amounts. The world needs the wisdom and revelation of God in a tremendous way. Can you believe that it is as simple as asking?

Many times we don’t ask God for what we need; we are more comfortable asking for what we want. We need wisdom and revelation. We can get a million things that we want but the Bible reminds us that in all of our getting make sure we get understanding.

Be careful not to doubt. When you first start to hear the Lord and receive His revelation, it is easy to doubt that it is Him.  When you doubt that you have heard from the Lord you extinguish the flame.  If what you are hearing lines up with the Word of God, ask the Lord for more clarity but do not just say, “I know that is not God.” That puts the flame out and decreases your confidence in hearing His voice.

When you think it is your voice or the voice of the enemy, simply say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:7-11). Now, you are letting the Lord know that you sense He is trying to talk to you and you want to hear directly from Him.

The Holy Spirit loves to speak on behalf of the Father. He loves to show you things to come. So when you are unsure, don’t put it out with doubt. Ask, seek, knock. Through this question you allow Him the opportunity to show you if it was Him or if you missed the mark a bit! (Which is totally okay and an actual part of the process of growing in confidence)

Declare: I Hear God!

The only way to increase revelation is to be okay with interacting with a loving God.

Father, thank you for being a generous God. We thank you for lighting the fire within us to seek you for revelation and wisdom. Thank you that your Word says when we call on you, you will answer us. We increase our expectation to see your wisdom and revelation grow within us and light our paths so we can see the way clearly. Amen.


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