Open Gates!


I must prophesy and proclaim what I heard in my spirit today. The August word mentioned the gust of the spiritual wind that is going to set us in our proper place in Christ. This wind is going to bring great manifestation for the people of God. Things are going to line up for you.  (Read the prophetic word for August post)

Today I felt led to release to you that there is a gate of favour that is opening up. I hear the Spirit of the Lord say:

“As you step into the wind you will see the gates of favour open to you. You will be able to walk through with great precision right into the perfection that I have prepared for you. The opening will be narrow. Only those who choose to walk on my narrow path to righteousness will enter in this season. Your vision will be clear to see the entry way and you will not miss this opportunity. In the past, it has been hit or a miss. These blessings of favour are not just for the asking, which you have done in seasons past, but now they are for the taking!”

I hear, “Take hold! Take hold! Take hold! Be bold! Be bold! Be bold!” When you see the need for your ability, step forward. When you hear your gifting called out, step into it. When someone asks how are you so blessed, answer with gladness and truth! I am setting you up and all you have to do is step forward.”

Psalm 37:23 The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.

Isaiah 26:2 Open the gates that the righteous nation may enter, the nation that keeps faith.

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