I have been seeking the Lord for His thoughts on and plans for the month of August. I began to see the words A Gust of Wind for YoU. I knew that the Father was doing a play on words as He changed the words of August around a bit to send a message. I must prophesy and proclaim what I heard the Lord say.

There is a gust of wind coming for you in this month of August that is going to blow everything into its proper place because of your heart to obey even in the face of frustration. You will be blown away by what God is going to do in this upcoming month.

The gust of God’s glory will take some by surprise but those of you who have had an ear in tuned to His heart will not be as caught off guard. All will be amazed about what He is blowing in. A realignment is coming that is going to put you ahead and confirm you are the head and not the tail.

Many are aware of the promises of God and believe in them but have not been able to touch them or behold them in their own lives. This is the time that those who have seen blessings from a far off will get an up close and personal encounter with the blessings of God.

In the Bible, Moses and Aaron were not able to enter into the Promised Land. The Israelites they were leading into the land began to complain because they ran out of water.  Their ungratefulness and whining frustrated Moses and Aaron. Not only did they complain but they blamed these two leaders for the lack of water. Moses lost his countenance and responded out of his flesh.

Moses struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it as the Lord commanded him. (Aaron did not strike the rock but He stood in witness and did not stop Moses.) When they struck the rock twice it broke and water gushed out.  The concern is that this action also broke the faith of the people in God because Moses took credit for the new water supply. This disobedient response caused them to fail to give God the glory for the water that was released.

In Numbers  20:12, the Lord rebuked Aaron and Moses because they did not give Him the glory for the water coming out of the rock. “Then the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, ‘Because you did not believe Me, to hallow Me [proclaim my name holy] in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them.”

During this time, the Lord has been purging many of their of wrong responses. Many have changed their response to frustration and have not acted out of the flesh in this season. God has called His people to separate from situations that could provoke them to sin.

This incident with the Israelites happened at Kadesh Barnea. Kadesh means holy and Barnea means place of wandering. Many have operated in holiness but have found themselves wandering, looking for your promises and wondering when you will see them manifest.

The good news is that if this speaks to you, you have been in the process of transition and refinement. You have withstood the difficult times and the times of temptation. Now you will be able to endure the blessing.

The blessings of God take endurance. God has to be able to trust you to stay and remain and not leave the holy place, the presence of God.

Step into the transition that the gust of wind is bringing! The blessings are blowing your way!

Points to Remember:

  1. Follow the Lord’s instructions. God wants to have more influence over your decisions and a greater intimacy with you.
  2. Pray over every decision and response. Do not let others frustrate you or push you into a disobedient action that would not please God. **A rule of thumb: Respond with Kingdom action as to not incite chaos. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy**.
  3. Do not let the inappropriate actions of others affect your faith. Always give God the glory for your blessings and the accomplishments you achieve.



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