God says that He is calling the wicked to repentance. Those who have hidden their hearts from Him and refuse to change the err of their ways, must turn away from the grip and destruction of sin. His love is unyielding and His mercy endures forever, but now is the time to righteously align with Him. There are crooked places in our lives that only He can make straight. Don’t try and straighten those areas out alone. Come to Him now, seeking His face and turning from the ways of the world that mean you no good. He is crying out repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. My hand desires to move in your life to protect you from the calamities to come. Call unto Me and I will answer you and show you things that you do not know.

The world is sleeping, but I AM calling you to awaken and rise up. There is room for you in My kingdom and restoration is your portion, says the Lord.

Return unto Me into the ark of safety.

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