November 2022


Warriors are arising and strategy is being released for the movement ahead. I AM aligning My people for more but they must be in a position of obedience; overt and extravagant obedience that moves swiftly by My direction. 

These who are rising up will be given tough skin and wont bow down or give in. They know their God and their jurisdiction. They will move with the faith and fervor I have anointed them with to do great exploits in My name. Ezekiel 3:8

November is a month of knowledge and knowing as My supernatural intelligence is placed on the heads and in the hearts of those who are committed to heaven invading earth. How will I do signs? How will I motivate miracles? It will be through those who are yielded unto Me.

It will a time if reckoning. A blessed settlement for some and justice for others. Repayment for evil is coming as a natural consequence of sowing and reaping but those who have sown well will reap bountifully in joy.

A flooding is coming over the white house as a strong nudging of repentance and turning away from wrongdoing. Pray for humbling in the nation’s capitol, not by force but by faith.

For my children it will be a time of overwhelming joy and gifts will come early. It will feel like Christmas as I pour My benevolence on you. Seek Me and trust Me as I bring you through difficult moments ahead. It’s not the time for anxiety but awe of how I the Lord will move swiftly on your behalf.

Reunification is happening this month. Long lost loved one will reappear. Welcome them as though they never left so I can show them the power of a tender heart.

Come to Me in your weariness and I will give you rest. Rest for your mind is your portion.


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