love to laugh! In my household laughter is recurring and common. I appreciate that now more than ever . Those joyous moments are precious and I don’t take them for granted. I allow myself to be in the moment and experience the smiles from a joke or a funny occurrence with my whole being.

I love to laugh to the point of tears and uncontrollable stomach jiggles, wiping away the tears and holding back more vibrant giggles. Laughter is a gift.

How often do you laugh? Do you have enough laughter in your life? I believe laughter is holy because at that moment no matter what we are going through we embrace that all is well. We put down our guard and release our defenses and welcome an enduring smile.

God laughs. He is our defender and He laughs in the face of our enemies. He releases a roaring chuckle at the enemy’s attempt to defeat you. He laughs at the lies your negative thoughts speak to you that no one else knows about. He laughs at every doubter in your life.
He guffaws at your enemies and there audacity to think they can affect or harm you in any way. Can you imagine the Lord of hosts giggling in the face of every demonic force?

He laughs because He is not worried or bothered because He calls you victorious. If you are going through a difficult time, God is cracking our terms. The angels who protect you are rolling on the floors of the courts of heaven!

Make laughter a part of your weaponry. Heaven laughs with you. #encouragement

lifecoach #laughter #comedy #victory

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