September Word

This is the month the winner births forth in you. This is the season that you look different from seasons past. You will be unrecognizable to most as you transform. They will wonder why timidity has lifted and how you have overcome fear. You will be energized because God is back filling the fulfillment of your requests. What has taken a long time to come into fruition will now come forth quickly. Prepare for the harvest of your dreams and your reality to seem unreal. You have looked to the realities of life more than faith for the unseen.

I speak the breath of life into you to desire more joy and jubilation. Walk in peace and pursuit of your higher calling and take your seat in heavenly places.

God is rooting up the rocks surrounding your harvest. Your dreams will not choke. Rejoice! This is the month to see the hand of God moving. Open your eyes to see new doors opening. They will be unlocked with God. AMEN

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