June 2022 Word of Encouragement

In June you will sing a new tune because you will stand in awe of My grace upon your life. You will see My hand even as destruction moves across the land. There is a shakeup so My people will wake up. This a time of awakening to decide which side you will choose. If you stand on the side of righteousness you will not lose. I Am exposing the foolish who have thought they can escape My radar. Repentance was the call but blatant disregard will cause a great fall. Many will see the true motives on display but I Am not calling you to judge but to pray. The preying is being revealed and injustice will no longer be concealed. I Am opening up eyes to those in disguise. Wolves in sheep’s clothing will no longer preside.

I Am beckoning you to explore with Me for more of what you have not seen. Continue to walk by faith and keep your eyes set on Thee!

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