February Word 2022

I am coming closer to My people and they are about to have glimpses of My presence in new ways. There will be close encounters of the anointed times. Open your eyes to see and keep your complete focus on Me. Today is your season of new beginnings..prepare to be mesmerized and count your blessed winnings. This increase is from the times you stood when the enemy convinced you there was no way that you could. You will be amazed when you taste and see that I really am that good.

It is a time of vision and dreams and its your opportunity to call in multiple streams. Arise and align with My plans for you. This is the beginning of success and prosperity in all you do.

Tell My people do not worry about what it looks like and to see past the pain. In this new month My glory only in you will reign.

This is the month the door blocker to old dreams is removed. It will be as a new door opened unto you.Wounds and old bitterness will surely be soothed.
Release every burden unto Me so you can go through to this prepared place.

I Am reviving and restoring you on the path that was lost. Im uncovering the new way for you to go. It will be a month of repayment as you will begin to reap as you continue to sow.


Some have asked how to sow:

Cash App $michellebrown1127

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