Worry is a Lie

Worry Is A Lie

I hear God saying, “Weep not and worry no more. Worry is a lie that says you can maneuver through your mind what only I can do. The only guarantee is when you trust in Me. Focus in to see My eyes glaring back at thee. I Am forever watching over you. I want to lead and guide so I can reveal the how and the way to unlock your destiny. I Am the God of completion. I leave nothing undone. Each triumph you will see because I’ve plundered every enemy and gotten the victory. Every battle I have already won. I Am God. Unselfishly I sent My only Son. Take heart and walk in peace. My love for you will never cease.” #prophecy#propheticword#dontworry#peace#Sunday#love#God#trust#sundayvibes#lifecoach#mentalhealth

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