While You Slept

God is calling us to awaken to His power within us. Too long we have slept on the God in us. It is time to wake up. While we slept blessings and promises passed us by that were meant for us to appropriate.

Yes, there is money that has not been released that is for you to distribute. He wants to give us more than enough to be a blessing to others. We must stand on our post of purpose and not waiver. If He called you to it, stay with it.

Wave goodbye to the want and worry of yesterday. Walk into the newness of today, holding onto this promise! All things are possible if you believe! He has called you to take the land. Even if it may look dried up and fruitless, God is making rivers in desert places and bringing harvest where there has been lack.

Wake up, wide eyed and bushy tailed prepared to take the land for the influence of God and His love.

BEHOLD, look for the new thing God is doing in you!

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