I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “My miracles are never out of season. I AM always willing and able to move and respond beyond the normal allowance of a situation. I can do what cannot be done in a sudden moment. I can shift your life and change your situation in seconds. My timing is perfect and your patience is valued. Know that I Am moving on your behalf and the pain, disappointment and hurt you are experiencing will not last. Bring Me an offering of praise and your expectation I will raise. Then you will see My hand move in the upcoming days. Trust Me as though it is already won. You will see that I will not leave you hanging just as others have done. I Am sticking with you until you see what I desire, which is bigger than you can imagine at this moment. But remember in an instant what you are worrying about will be distant.”

Miracles are coming that will move the most insurmountable mountains.


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