Prophetic Word for July

July 2021

I am heaping wealth upon you. Your eyes will see My goodness. Your ears will hear My heartbeat and you will know I Am the God of restoration. You will show forth like gold and break forth as platinum.  I will rescue you from not enough and bring you into plenty. Prepare to receive all that has been stored up and overdue. Your harvest time is now.

July is a month reckoning. I am making the enemy repay and calculating what is owed. I have kept a ledger and now I balance the books so you so not come up short.  You will not go out empty handed because I Am handing you the access to enter into wealth and true prosperity.  You will not make excuses for Me; I will meet your.expectation and supply all of your needs.

Those who have doubted will repent at My goodness. They will be in awe and ashamed of their doubt. Those who have laughed at your faithfulness will watch your.God arise in the midst of darkness. My light will blind the unbeliever as they have a Damscus road experience. Many will get knocked off.of their high horses into humility. 

I will not forsake the submitted heart.The rebellious will become more aloof and disconnected because their hearts are from Me. Pray for them to come to know the mercy and grace available to those who seek to know truth.

You will see breakthrough in Healthcare, New treatments will breakforth.
Treasures will be found in the ground. I Am replenishing the earth.  I Am establishing the heavens within reach of My people.

Spare the rod spoil the child. Many will be heartbroken because of their lack of discipline for their children. They did not use the rod of the shepherd to keep the predators away that Came to steal identity and order. Ask Me to chasten and correct.

Get your house in order. Prepare for My return. Remove all that hinders your gaze upon Me. All that blinds you must be removed. The voluntary blindfold must come off of my church. It’s time to be bold and not withhold My gospel from the masses.I Am bringing and equality plan that will no longer make the divide so firm by classes.Wealth is being transferred so My Word can go forth.

July 4th, 2021

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