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Book-based podcast, anyone? We’re back and better than before we took a break! God has done great work and changed our name to Come Out From Discouragement, formerly Hello, Daughter of Day, Encouragement for God’s Daughters. Being a Daughter of Day is still the focus, but we leave the old and venturing out to the new without any roadblocks or barriers. Are you ready to come out of this metaphoric town called Discouragement and live your best life?

I wrote this book, Come Out From Discouragement: Embracing Your Identity as God’s Daughter of Day,  in 2019 and God said I am not done with it. I need to share it with you in an intimate and inspiring way! So, here we are, and I am ready to build a community of encouragers where the detours to purpose are removed. Each chapter begins with a scripture and prophetic love note from the Lord and ends with a prayer for you. 

Join me for the next 13 weeks beginning on Monday, June 14, 2021, to take this adventure together! The podcast will be available at 7pm CST. We will use this book as our backdrop to success and walking in our God-given identity. The book is not necessary, to benefit from the podcast, BUT it would sure help you to steer into destiny. 

You can order the book at or on our new website at where you can also read a free preview on our website before you order your copy. The book is on Kindle, in paperback and now hardback. I am excited to have a chapter-based conversation with you each week as we highlight and apply each chapter to your life. 

I was hoping you could leave me a message on the anchor app and let me know you have your book and join us! Or you can email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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