New Wine

Get ready for the new wine! For far too long you have tried to put new ideas, anointing, and projects into an old paradigm. Today is your day to shift. It is time to realize that God is not attached to old methods and ways of doing things. He can replace people from your past with new contacts who are aligned with your vision. Let go of your grip on the old things and ways of the former days. You have desired to step out in a new way and I hear God saying, “Put the pedal to the metal and move forward!” It is a season of GO! No longer should you worry about waiting for the right time and the right people. As you move God is bringing all that you need unto you. Pop the cork! Pop the cork! The new wine is ready. Your experiences have brought you to an age of perfection. God is taking it all and brewing your blessing. There is new wine ready to flow but it has been hindered by your desire to patch the old with the new. Trust Him for everthing you need for the adventure He has called you to go on in this season. New vitality, new territory, new realms, new acquaintances and associates are coming in response to your yes.

Declare, “Lord, I am ready for the new wine! I am putting away my old wineskin!”

Mark 2:22

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