Come Out

Come Out From Discouragement! Embracing Your Identity as God’s Daughter of Day is for the woman who senses she is on the verge of greater things. She knows there is more for her to do, but discouragement stands in the way. You will learn how to fight the fear of what is ahead and not focus on past disappointments. Are you ready to leave the metaphoric Town of Discouragement once and for all? Michelle Brown leads you to the exit sign so you can evacuate this negative mindset and accelerate! Come Out From Discouragement! will help you embrace your identity as God’s Daughter of Day. Michelle shares this beautiful profile of the women God has called to more significant works. Would you like to hear the heart of God towards you? You will enjoy the prophetic love notes included in this book as you go on this journey with Michelle to a life of consistency, confidence, and purpose. 

Michelle will help you to:  

🔹 Embrace the love of God 

🔹 Conquer Self-Doubt 

🔹 Acknowledge Your Purpose 

🔹 Focus on the Future Instead of the Disappointments of the Past 

🔹 Be Productive with a Positive Mindset and more… 


Pair this book with her podcast Come Out From Discouragement with Michelle Brown on Anchor, Spotify, and Itunes. Listen here: or visit her website at 

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