We must get under the shelter of the Word of God and hear God’s voice!
The intercession I have felt over the last few days has been one that I cannot turn on and off. It has been a flow of constant prayers and crying out to God. I know that is what it has been like for most of the country. How can we stop thinking about the tragedy that our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity face between COVID-19, murders, losing loved ones, depression, and financial issues?

I had a vision a few days prior of a person holding a Bible over their head. I knew that this person was taking shelter under the Word of God. When we read it and live by it, we are covering ourselves and staying in safety. We must saturate ourselves with it, so when the downpours in life happen, we can protect ourselves or cover someone else. The Word inside of us will flow and drown out the voices of discouragement. This solace and protection are why the Bible says that I will hide in my heart in His word.

A few scriptures to hide in your heart during this time are Psalm 119:114, Isaiah 30:21, Jeremiah 33:3, and John 10:27. These scriptures confirm that we must know God’s voice and hide the Word of God in our hearts. The Lord just started speaking to me that man-made shelters will fail, but His Word will never fail. It will cover us in the times of the storm. We must take refuge in it and make it our haven. Refuge means to retreat. We must go away and spend time in it, get underneath-meaning—always put our opinions below it and let it be the priority. It is the rule of thumb that we use in every decision-making opportunity that arises in our lives.
I want to know His voice so well that He can lead me and direct me out of the most challenging situations, better yet, warn me, divert me, and always guide me. I pray that the Word of God is your shelter and your compass in navigating through life’s difficult seasons.

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