I Am Calling You

I hear the Lord say, “I Am calling you into a more fantastic realm of revelation that will take you higher in Me. You are not called to the low rungs of life but into the realm of effectiveness. What you say matters, and how you respond has an impact on others around you. You are an influencer, called to lead in your area of responsibility. You are significant in My eyes and needed in My kingdom. Trust in Me to use you mightily. The season of second-guessing is over, it is time to come into agreement with who I say you are. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, a messenger unto many. No more bridling of your tongue. Release My Words in confidence and courage. You question what to say? Start to proclaim My love, and I will string together your words as a beautiful symphonic sound in the earth!

Listen carefully..I Am about to make your ears tingle. You will hear Me in your quiet time. Respond, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

If you would like to learn about the Still Prayer Process, you can order our Guided Journal at http://www.daughterofday.com/newbook

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  1. A beautiful word Michelle 

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