Come Forth!

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “I AM anointing you for this season and mantling you to progress. I want you to trust the release of your gift because only you will do it best. I AM pulling you from the background, into full view, because there are many things that only you can do. You have been in the waiting and I have perfected you for this season. If you look for the logic in staying hidden, the enemy will give you a reason. It is time for the curtain to open as I bring you forward for all to see. The timing is right because you’ve been hidden in Me. “

I sense that in this month, you are going to expand your territory and the fear of stepping out in your ministry will no longer be as great. You are going to realize that God’s timing is perfect and you are actually not late!

Trust what you feel in your heart, and by faith be willing to take action so that you can start. Don’t let doubt make you take the vision and start to pull it apart. Trust what you have heard and move by faith. It is your time to take your perfect place.


Father, I ask you to remove the fear from your child so they will move forward and pursue the purpose that you have anointed them to complete. Thank you for enlarging the space you have created for them and allowing their gift to make room for them. Amen.

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