The End of an Era


I must prophesy and proclaim what I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying:

It has been a rough time for many in the Body of Christ. This final press is releasing the key that you need to open the door to your next!

Have you struggled with one area of your life for a significant period of time? Maybe it has been financial, employment, your health, or your marriage. The frustration is ending. Freedom from this problem is coming. It is the end of an era.

I hear in my spirit, “You will recoup, I will repay! What comes back to you will be greater than what you have endured!”

Give the Lord praise! The “IT” you have not been able to disconnect from is finally coming to an end! Tell the enemy-“The End!” It is time for the curtain call. Bow before the Lord and thank Him for your victory! Amen.

Era definition: a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic (


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