I must prophesy and proclaim what I hear the Spirit of the Lord say for September 2017:
This month I am blowing away the chaff, things you thought were useful but do not need to enter in to where I AM taking you. Pack light, only taking the necessity of the Word with you. Make this your daily habitation and meditation.
I AM bringing a new fire to your life, a new burning for the things of the kingdom. I want you to focus on ME and loose distractions from around your neck. You have worn these burdens around your neck for too long and they have yoked you to bondage. I AM setting the captives free! Take My yoke upon you and let Me direct you out of the narrow space that you are in. I have need of you in greater ways than you have yet imagined. I know exactly where you are and where you long to be.
Trust Me in this new month to begin the process of repudiation. There are some things you have accepted as true about you and I must show you where the enemy is trying to deny you of your inheritance and identity. His accusations against you and declaration of what will be has already been denied. Where the enemy has decided to wage war against you, I will increase your wage in the kingdom. Your value just went up! The target on you is greater but My protection is firm around you. You will see your reward in the kingdom promises I have made to you.
This is the month of the contract. You will begin to fulfill agreements that you have made with Me. Promises you made for a better season will now be able to be fulfilled. You will realize that my contract to you is not null and void but alive and active. My contract is My Word. It is time for you to sell out to Me and not just lease space. This is the month to determine that you will not look for loopholes or easy exits but determine to be rooted, grounded, committed, and outspoken.
In September, shout TIMBER!! Everything that has prevented you from walking in the full manifestation as my son/daughter is coming down! Amen.
2 Corinthians 10:4
Matthew 11:30
Colossians 3:23-24

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