Road Work Ahead


I must proclaim to you today that there is road work ahead! Whenever there is construction going on you should expect there to be some delay in you getting to your destination. Sometimes we are not aware of the work that is being completed but we know that something is being done to make the road conditions better for travel. Most times we are not aware of what happened to cause the cracking or shifting, the potholes or water breaks. We trust the process of construction and that the end result will be an improvement.

However, when you are in a rush to get to your destination road work delays can be very frustrating and unwelcome. Some of us would rather drive over a pothole and not think about the damage that it will cause to our car as long as it can save us a few minutes.

There is a great leveling going on this the spirit realm right now. God is bringing you to another level and the ground you have gained will surprise others! Those that thought you were beneath their level of understanding will be amazed that the student is now teaching! The listener is now speaking! The one who needed encouragement is now encouraging.

This is the season to be patient and merge into the lane that God has ordained you to be in during this season.  Do not try to take shortcuts or jump ahead.

I prophesy to you that the Lord is going before you and making the crooked places straight for you timely arrival into your next productive place. You will get there on time and in tact with peace of mind. You will be prepared. Stay gassed up with the Word so that you never get empty.

Make this declaration taken from Isaiah 45:2, “The Lord is preparing the way for me! He is making the crooked places straight and making the high places low! Mountains are coming down and I will walk on top of them!” Amen

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